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Father’s Day And The San Antonio Spurs


Over the last six years or so, I have made one exception and that is that I do root for the San Antonio Spurs.

The reason for that is an appreciation for Tim Duncan. It is more about Tim Duncan the leader than Tim Duncan the player. Tim Duncan the player has had an amazing career and has played more minutes in the history of the NBA playoffs than any other player. He is also in the top five in both rebounding and scoring all time in NBA playoff history.

However, that is not why I am such a huge fan. Rather, as I have written before, it is because in my mind he is the best leader of any basketball superstar that I have ever seen. (Magic Johnson being a close second – with a very different style).

While there are many great fathers in the NBA, the example that Tim Duncan sets with his team is an example that all fathers can emulate, with their sons and daughters. Watch a spurs game and see what I mean.

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