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Estate Planning
Ensuring financial security for your family
Securing your loved ones’ final wishes

Elder Law
Ensuring the safety and care of those we cherish most

Business Planning
Helping you start and sustain your growing business

Pet Trusts
Protecting your faithful companions

Planning Your Own Funeral

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When our office prepares an estate plan for a client, we provide them with a section in their estate planning binder to make their wishes known to their family. This includes notifying specific family members, friends, and organizations of the individual's passing. We also provide forms for our clients to set forth their personal information; sections for handling of remains and marker selection; casket or urn selection; information concerning a remembrance/funeral service; and information regarding costs and expenses.

We encourage our older clients to be proactive and if they wish to be buried to think about purchasing their burial plot and their casket. For those that want cremation, we ask them to think about making the arrangements and to detail that information in the estate planning binder that we provide.

For those that do not wish to pre-pay the expenses, we encourage them to make sure their estate has the liquid assets available to make payment. This can be done in a variety of ways including earmarking an account for the purpose or even purchasing insurance.

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