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Estate Planning
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Taking Some Of The Guess Work Out Of Estate Planning

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Some questions to consider during the early phase of estate planning:

• What are my assets?
• What is the approximate value of my assets?
• Who do I want to receive my assets?
• Who should manage my assets when I am unable to do so?
• Who should be responsible for taking care of my children if I am unable to?
• Who should make health care decisions for me if I am unable to?
• What do I want to have happen with my remains?
• Do I want a funeral?

Selecting the right attorney for you can also be an intimidating task, when considering your options here are a few questions to keep in mind:

• What are their credentials?
• What is there primary focus? What other areas of law do they practice?
• What type of clients do they typically work with?
• What are the legal fees? Are all fees hourly?
• Will they bill you for quick questions?
• Will they keep you informed on developments in estate planning law?

These are just a few questions to have in mind when you begin your estate planning journey, as with any new endeavor the best method is to prepare adequate and then ask questions along the way. I hope that this helps you in taking that leap into planning your estate and protecting your assets!

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