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Yin Yoga: Worth A Second Look


This new method has numerous health benefits. While it innately can increase your flexibility and mobility, it also has mental benefits as well. It is difficult to picture anyone who wouldn’t profit from the mental clarity of clearing their mind and concentrating on their body for a set amount of time. The practice of Ying Yoga has also proven beneficial to those suffering from sports related injuries, and those suffering with broken or damaged tissue in association with the aging process. The exercise works the fascia, or your connective tissue, which acts like a webbed structure holding your organs and muscles in place. The fascia is vital to maintaining your central mobility, and the actions preformed during yin yoga allow for gentle tension to be placed on it. In turn, this can increase your range of motion, while simultaneously making your connective tissue stronger and more resistant to damage or breakage as you age.

It is important to discuss any exercise modification, or the addition of any new forms of exercise with your physician before attempting them. However this seems to be one worth discussing.

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